Online courses

Basic Geology

The focus is on the solid earth. Geologyfocuses on the types of rocks and soil it is made up of and how they were formed.

Basic Ecology

Learn more about all the living organisms on the earth. In ecologythe various methods of energy flow and relationships in the ecosystem are explored.

Basic Weather & Climate

Gain more knowledge about what weather and climate is, the influences on South Africa’s climate, and worldwide weather (air pressure, cloud and weather systems, fronts, etc).

Basic Technical Skills

Learn what you need to know to do basic maintenance at a resort or in a similar environment.

Basic Astronomy

Learn more about space and the objects in it including specific functions of the moon on earth.


Our feathered friends that roam the sky are unique in every way. Sondela Academy is excited to present a course dedicated to these animals.


People often have a prejudice against many reptiles, but the fact of the matter is that they are often just misunderstood. Not at Sondela Academy, though. In this course, you will learn all you need to know about them.


The magnificent mammal, the same classification humans belong to. Discover the wonders of the animals in this class and what makes them unique.

Food Service Assistant

Food and food service is a critical point for customer satisfaction. The Food Service Assistant ensures that all the food-related activities come together so customers are happy, from helping to prep and serve, to ensuring the kitchen and serving area is clean and tidy.

Table Attendant

We know a bedside manner is important for doctors, but what about tableside manners for attendants? Table attendants have a lot of interaction with guests and can make or break a guest’s experience. We’ll teach you how to make it!

Hospitality Health, Hygiene, and Safety

We know just how crucial proper health, hygiene, and safety is in an environment with a lot of people, many of whom just want to relax and not worry about those things. This course will teach you how to ensure everything is always hygienic and safe for staff and guests.

Room Attendant

A room attendant – the ninjas of any resort, lodge, hotel, reserve, etc. we can see you were there, because everything is beautifully clean and organized, but we never see you. This course will teach you how to be a cleaning ninja and how to interact with guests when you do meet them.

Drink Service Attendant

At the bar or in the restaurant, getting people’s drinks right is important. So is doing it with a smile and knowing how to handle any complaints or queries. Let’s teach you how.