Full-time courses

Our full-time training is completed over a 3-year period:

Year 1: Introduction to Hotel Lodge and Resort Management
This provides an overview of the different industry departments and their functions. Learners receive a certificate and credits for each department that they complete. At the end of the year, they should receive 7 – 11 different skills certificates.
Year 2: Specialisation Year

Learners specialise in their chosen field. Prescribed courses include Education, Training & Development, Leadership & Management and Entrepreneurial Studies (Business Studies).

Year 3: Professional Development Year

Students function as first-line managers in the workplace where they are exposed to and gain experience in all aspects of management activities and functions.

Hospitality Course

Hospitality is a massive field with a wide range of different jobs. You will learn everything from general accommodation management to health and safety standards and everything in between.

Entrepreneurial & Management Studies

Management takes a certain set of skills and the development of grit. Whether you want to be a Front Office Manager, Game Ranch Manager, or Housekeeping Manager, learn the department-specific skills you need to do the job.


This is course is close to our hearts at Sondela. See what we do at Sondela Nature Reserve & Spa and learn how to conserve and manage the animals and their habitat.

Food preparation & Culinary Arts (Chef)

Become a world-class chef with our culinary training.  Learn from the best about the art of cooking as well as what it takes to run your own kitchen.  

Event Support

Leadership and management are vital to those that want to gain a holistic understanding of business and how to manage the operations and people involved.

Education & Training Development

Learn how to coach and train others in your field of expertise in line with the ETDP Seta requirements.