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An Exclusive, Carefully Designed Bushveld Retirement Village

Planning your retirement is a big and important step. If you want to kick back in a beautiful bushveld retirement village, then Sondela’s over 50 Lifestyle Estate is the place for you. Nature is an ever-changing beauty that lifts the spirit and puts a smile on your face when you open your front door and see its expanse before you. What more could you want than this serenity. Our lifestyle estate is a Bela-Bela retirement village that’s being developed in some of the most beautiful bushveld that Limpopo can give us. From Sondela’s retirement village Pretoria is a mere 90 km away and you can easily plan a trip into the big city or have family come to visit.

Why Choose Sondela Nature Reserve And Spa

Sondela is a family-orientated resort offering carefree, secure, safe, tranquil, and private living in the heart of nature.

We are the cream of the crop among Bela-Bela resorts and our guests and permanent residents can take pleasure in truly connecting with Mother Nature as they walk or cycle through the resort. We are gratified to have fostered a resort that is a sanctuary for humans and animals alike. While you relax in your dream home, we make sure that our animal residents that are in distress or abandoned get the care and rehabilitation they need so you can continue to enjoy their company once they are released back into the wild.

Our Rare Game is a gem among the animals and as you go on a game drive you just might spot a Black Impala or Golden Wildebeest. We are not just focused on the here and now but rather on all stages of life and experience. We teach the young kids that visit Sondela about nature and why they should care for it in our Junior Rangers program. We also take education more seriously by teaching and training the resort staff and nature experts of the future at Sondela Academy. Whether you are already in your golden years or just starting to plan for it, Sondela is where you will find people that see the holistic picture of life and nature.

What Will The House And Facilities Be Like?

You can have your dream home as a sectional title when you are ready to retire. Your unit will not just be a life right development and you can choose to bequeath your property to whomever you want. Choose one of our two predesigned homes of 200 or 240 m2. If these designs aren’t to your liking, you are welcome to draft your own design with the assistance of our architects. Your home will be ideally situated within the expansive Sondela Nature Reserve and Spa to be within walking distance of the entertainment area with its restaurants, general dealer, heated/covered pools and more.

You can also fill a day with game driving with one of our expert guides or by yourself on a private drive. As a permanent resident of our Lifestyle Estate, you will have access to all of our facilities at no extra charge. Our award-winning Iketla spa is also open to you with some great senior benefits (Ts and Cs apply).

Who Can Occupy My House?

You have to be 50 or older to join the Lifestyle Estate community. If you are not quite 50 but you want to secure your place in the community, you can do so. Once you’ve completed the build on your home you are more than welcome to lease it out for an extended period of time, as long as your lessees are 50 or older. When you are ready to move in, your home will be ready and waiting.

Though Sondela has a strict no day visitors policy, you also don’t need to fret about that.  We look forward to welcoming your family when they visit you and as Sondela is a game lodge near Pretoria, they will be able to do so often. The grandkids can look forward to having their own bushveld accommodation when they sleep over at grandma and grandpa for up to 90 days per year.

What About Convenience?

Sondela is only 11km from Bela-Bela where you can go to the mall and take care of all your shopping, banking and medical needs. The Kollonade Mall and Montana Hospital (Netcare) in Pretoria are 90km away. If you want to go do some fishing or golfing there are wonderful facilities nearby and there is also a Crocodile farm, Cheese Factory, and Brewery in the surrounding areas ideal for a day out and about. You also don’t need to worry about reception as various service providers have near-perfect reception on Sondela.

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